Benefits of having an off-plan property that one is talking about

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While buying a home you must have heard it’s better to choose ready-to-move-in homes than buying an off-plan property. But rarely you have heard anyone suggesting you buy the off-plan property or under-construction property. Why? because people aren’t aware of the benefits of having an off-plan property.

So in this blog post, we are revealing the benefits of having an off-plan property. You can hire residential property valuer for guiding you well related to the property buying and selling matters.

Advantages of under-construction or off-plan property are -

You can afford it easily - If you are buying the home for the first time and you are having some financial crunch that you can’t pay a total sum of a house in a single shot then here is a good news for you. Under-construction properties are the one which provides you with the option to pay the amount in breaks and phases. While buying under-construction property the major advantage is you need not to pay the whole amount in one go. At the initial stage, you have to pay 10% to 20% of the property price and then with certain intervals of time you have to pay the rest amount as decided. Thus you can make payments with ease, this makes buying home an easy task.

A bunch of options - As the real estate builders launch a new project frequently at different locations which gives a bundle of choices to make and thus you can choose the location and floor to buy the home of your choice. Which is hard to get while buying the ready-to-move-in homes.

Plan your flat according to your requirement - While choosing the under-construction home you get a chance to get your home as per your requirement. As real estate builders give an option to have floor plan design as you want. Thus it helps you to get a home of your choice. Whereas in the ready-to-move home you can’t do many changes as it is already constructed.

Cheaper than ready-to-move-in homes - Buying off-plan property helps you to save your pennies to a large extent. As the cost of pre-made flats or ready-to-move-in homes is costlier as compared to the under-construction homes.

You get new branded home - Pre-made homes are not necessarily new and branded one. It might an owner want to sell the old home which is previously renovated. But when you choose under-construction flat you are sure to get a new branded unused property which you have designed as per your need and you had witnessed its construction. You can check the quality of the material used by the builder. Thus you get the new fresh property which needs no renovation or improvements for years.

Additional facilities - When you go for the off-plan property then you get more constructed area than you may get in ready-to-move-in property in the same budget. Also, the facilities bestowed by the builders are more while buying under-construction property.

These are the untold benefits of having an under-construction property. For best residential property valuation services you can contact us. We have a team of expert residential property valuers who are well qualified and experienced.


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