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Finding the property value is a big challenge for property valuers Brisbane. The work pressure associated with the property valuation services is high. As the Brisbane property valuers are forced to find the accurate property values in less time. Property valuation process is an arduous one. As there are different types of properties present in the market and all are unique in their own. It is a very tedious task to find the two properties alike. So every time property valuer has to make the calculations and find the appropriate value of the subject property. This all needs data collecting ability, observational and calculative skills, profound local market knowledge and a good sense of judgment for evaluating the property’s worth.

All of this comes with the industry knowledge and experience to evaluate the property’s value accurately. Though there are standard procedures which can help the beginners to find the property value Brisbane.

Here are the valuable methods which can help the property valuer to find the property value -

1. Used of comparables - The most common and highly used method to evaluate the property value is the sales comparison method. Highly recommended to used in residential property valuation Brisbane. As finding comparables for residential property is easy as compared with the commercial property. As the method name indicates the sales comparison the comparable sale values help the valuer to find the value.

Make sure to keep this in mind which selecting the comparable -

  • Comparable should be near to the subject property.
  • Comparable sold out value should not be more than three months old.
  • Consider the amenities and facilities associated with the comparable.

Facilities associated with the property increases its value. So while calculating the property value via Sales comparison method make sure to consider the facilities offered by the property.

2. Via property Income - The method is applicable only when the property is good enough to generate the rental income. It mainly focuses on the ROI return on investment by the property. The property valuer should calculate the gross income generated by the property and then subtracts the expenditure to find the income generated by the property. After knowing the net income generated by the property valuer, the capitalization rate is multiplied to know the exact value of the property.

3. Via calculating the cost of property - The method is used for those buildings with unique and specialised features. The building cost of the property is evaluated first which is subtracted from its depreciation cost. The valuer has think like what would be the cost to build the property. This included the land value, construction cost. Then deduct the depreciation cost of the building to get the right value of the property.

While evaluating the property value the location, condition, and facilities associated with the property matters a lot. This all has a direct impact on the property value.

These are the three smart techniques used by the property valuer to determine the property value as per the requirement and type of the property. Our experts are capable enough to find the right value of the property. Contact us to get the accurate property valuation Brisbane.


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