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Planning to buy a home in Australia, most will suggest the Queensland capital city Brisbane is the best. Before revealing what best Brisbane has to offer you. Know what are the basic criteria a place should have for the home buyers. First, it should be safe, peaceful, proximity to schools, parks, hospitals with an ideal location and recreational facilities which makes the people life more easy, joyous and comfortable. Fortunately, Brisbane suburbs have these things to offer -

Here we have listed down the Queensland’s Brisbane suburbs -

Holland Park
People with the less budget for homes Holland Park is the best place to reside as it has some older homes to offer. This beautiful suburb is just 10kms away from Brisbane and it is safe too. The presence of schools, green lush parks for children and oldies, well maintained and stocked libraries make it the best place to live in. “The first rated public transport makes the lives of people easy and comfortable as people don’t need to have their own vehicle for commuting purpose.” says Brisbane home valuer.

Victoria Point
Victoria Point is a suburb in the Queensland which is around 30 km distance away from Queensland capital city Brisbane. The Victoria is a child and family friendly place to live in. As the accessibility to schools from Victoria is easy which makes it the best place for the families with children.
Victoria point is in close proximity to Moreton Bay, which serves as an ideal place for family outing. Other amenities include neighborhood shopping centers, a community library, grocery stores, a movie theatre, and local market shops and lake-front dining which gives a sense of comfortable living. Home valuation company says - “Affordable houses with abundant facilities make Victoria the best suburb in Queensland.”

If you and your family is a peace lover then Sandgate is one of the best suburbs in Brisbane. Sandgate is a history-rich suburb of Queensland where people can stay comfortably in a friendly atmosphere. The family who wants to enjoy the seaside lifestyle then habitation in Sandgate homes is an ideal place for the people.

As this bayside community has a railway station, breathtaking sea views, safe hub, great walkways, and beautiful areas for enjoyment and picnic. So if you are looking for a home with natural beauty and paradise which is far away from falsification, Sandgate is the right place to reside.

The urban and well-developed area in Wilston makes it a perfect suburb for a family. People with handsome income can get the advantage of living in the Wilston. It is just 5.6 km away from the Brisbane. Wilston has a wonderful view of the city with hill-crested geography. Naturewise Wilston is rich and has so much to offer. The Suburb has so many schools, hospitals, and railway stations which makes the life of people comfortable. Hygienic and greenery rich parks and walkways make the lives of people worth living in this suburb.

Brisbane and its suburbs has so much to offer to the home buyers. Make your must-have list and hire a Brisbane home valuer for residential home valuation services they know well about the Brisbane property and they can suggest you the best one.
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