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Home is the place where your heart and art are in. Home grants us a sense of comfort and freedom of being what we want to be. The place where we can relax and enjoy our leisure time. After the hectic working schedule and deadline pressure, it is the home where we can disconnect ourselves from the whole world. The place where we can eat, live and relax together with our dear ones. And when it comes to designing, decorating the home it is a shared vision of every family member where you can use your art well. The decorated home which not only makes it beautiful but gives a sense of joy and happiness. To know the value of your home as per the market you can go to a residential property valuer for residential property valuation service.

Home gives you a place or corner for your every mood. Some tips for you to make the home more appealing and aesthetically strong -

Add some hues - Choose the walls of every room which you want to highlight you can add bright colour to it. Use matt or glossy as you like. You can add a beautiful family picture on the wall or any special painting on the wall to give it a new look. Thus it makes your home look more beautiful. Though you should use light or nude shades of colours to give a bigger look to your home.

Place a sofa cum bed - You can place the daybed or diwan which can act as a sofa and bed both for your living room and can place the colourful pillows and cushions on it to give an all-new look.

Leisure place - Everyone wants a corner in the home where they can relax and spend their leisure time either by laying simply on the couch or pursuing their hobby which they like - reading a book. Well, you can place a couch there and place the bookshelves if you or your family members are book lovers. Also, you can put your souvenirs, mementos of the places of the world you had visited this will help you to decorate your home and also helps you to recall your best moments of the trip.

Bedroom - The room where you can have your deep sleep. Ideally, it should be well maintained but not overly decorated. Make sure this is the place where you sleep it should be properly ventilated and get some natural light. Also, you can place light music which soothes your soul to go into the deep sleep. You can also place a table and chair if you like to study in the night. Also, you can place an alarm clock to be a morning person.

Cooking area - The place where you cook the food. It is a special place where you can try new dishes and prepare your meals. You can use stylish cutlery sets, dinner sets, serving bowls. Also, you can place fridge magnets with random pictures to give a new look. The kitchen garden is also a great idea is you own sufficient space.

Home always stay very close to our heart. Apart from these, you can try many hacks which makes your home more beautiful.

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