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Having an investment property to generate monthly rental fixed income is a nice way to manage your funds. As it helps you to save your earned income (salary) and thus you grow financially. But putting your property on rent is not that easy. Finding the right tenant, taking caring of the property, paying the utility bills, property tax, insurance premiums, checking the maintenance it all comes with a huge responsibility. Well, you can hire residential property valuer to take valuable advice from them.

Here are the tips for the landlord to remember the things before putting out the property on the rent -

Decide the rental amount - It’s a most confusing part which puts homeowners in a dilemma that how to decide the rental amount of your property. We have a sure shot solution to your problem you can hire the residential property valuer for residential property valuation services they are the property market experts knows all ins and outs of the property. They will inspect the property and find the rental value of it by keeping the local market trends and conditions into consideration.

Prepare and then marketize your property - First, you have to clean, declutter, and decorate your property well to grab the attention of the potential tenants. Then you should hire a professional photographer to click the current and colorful pictures of your property and post those pictures on the Online sites to find the potential tenants. Thus you can reach to more and more tenants easily. Else you can give an advertisement in the local newspaper too. Finding the tenant is something very tough job. As you have to check the previous credit records of the tenant, lifestyle, and housekeeping techniques.

Prepare a rent agreement - To let your property out in the market on rent you should draft a rental agreement for the tenant. You can hire an agent or a professional to help you in drafting the rental agreement. It should hold all the necessary details like monthly rent, renter's permanent address, the term of the lease, and security deposit amount details etc. Make sure the rental agreement should possess all the mandatory terms and conditions along with details of maintenance charges, utility bills expenses and repair costs.

Be prepared for future - First, you should register the rental agreement so if in case any future dispute occurs between tenant and you then you can use that registered agreement as an evidence in the courtroom. Also for your own safety, you should ask for police verification before giving your house on rent to the tenants. You should also ask the renter to deposit the security amount for the property’s protection. And if in case renter makes any harm you may deduct the money from security deposit in the future.

These are the tips you should keep in your mind while putting your property on rent. For best residential property valuation services you can contact us we have a team of the experienced and expert residential property valuers.


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