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Valuations QLD is the market leader in business valuation in Queensland and have been valuing businesses for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on our high professional standards. Each of our business valuers has over 20 years of experience so when we send you the completed valuation report you can be confident that the valuation you receive had been prepared to the highest standard. Our business Valuers can prepare valuations for an array of purposes including: Family Law Court; Pre-purchase/pre-sale; Litigation; Financial planning; Taxation; Loans and financing; Investments; Succession planning.

Experienced valuers

All of the business valuers employed by Valuations QLD have a thorough understanding of what’s required to value a business and are either Chartered Accountants™ or Chartered Practising Accountants (CPA™).

What’s included in a business valuation?

A business valuation is a determination of the market value the business owner could reasonably get if they were to sell the business. An independent business valuation is an independent analysis of what the business is worth based solely on factual business information such as: The business accounts; The industry; The economic climate; The market conditions; The assets the business owns such as buildings and equipment; The cost to replace the equipment.

A business valuation can also include intangible assets such as the reputation of the business including brands if the business operates under more than one brand, goodwill, the location and intellectual property.

Preparing for a business valuation

To help our Valuers in assessing the value of your business you should compile the following information: Financial statements including accounting records and bank statements; Debts and loan agreements; Annual turnover; Profit and loss statements; Physical assets such as buildings, stock or equipment; Legal documents such as business licences, registration details and any other information required for compliance purposes.

If our Valuer has this information before valuing your business it will make the process much easier and help them give a more accurate business valuation.

What sectors do we operate in?

Valuations QLD operates in many sectors, including, but not limited to: Retail businesses; Online businesses; Transport and logistics businesses; Medical centres; Law practices; Motels, hotels and other accommodation providers; Cafes, restaurants and other hospitality venues; IT companies; Media companies. Advantages of a sworn valuation

When you receive your business valuation report from Valuations QLD it will be accepted by government bodies and any Australian court.

Our promise

Valuations QLD’s business valuers aim to inspect your business within 48 hours of your enquiry with the business valuation report completed within 3-5 business days.

Every business valuation we complete is prepared independently with no conflict of interest so you can be confident that your business valuation is a true and accurate assessment of what your business is worth.

To arrange a business valuation with one of our business Valuers call us on (07) 3067 2393.

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Industry qualifications.

Valuations QLD and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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