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When you want property, plant, machinery or a business valued it’s normally for a specific purpose. With that in mind it’s important to get a valuation that’s reliable, credible and accurate. Valuations QLD has operated since 1997 and all of our Valuers are Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) under the Australian Property Institute (API) so you can be assured that their valuation has been completed to an impeccable standard.

Each of our Valuers are 100% independent and have been properly trained so they will finalise your valuation report with meticulous attention to detail. They’ll research all the intricate details of your property – including the internal and external features. Then when finalising your property inspection report they will research comparable properties in your area to come up with a final valuation of your property.

They will consider the following factors when determining the value of your property: Location. Location. Location. Typically if a property is in a central location or in close proximity to shops or other important infrastructure like schools, shops, restaurants and bars or public transport; The type of land the property sits on. If the land requires a lot of maintenance such as drainage, levelling or other work the value is likely to be less; Interest rates – in times when interest rates are high, property values are likely to be lower; Supply and demand for the area; General property market performance; General economic conditions; Demographics of the area such as if it’s in a low or high socio-economic area; Investment opportunities – is the property in a highly sought after area and could it be rented out quickly?

Why should you choose an independent valuer?

When you’re purchasing a property, your bank or lender normally requires you to get a valuation as part of your mortgage agreement. The purpose of a valuation is so that the bank knows that they have security against their loan, so if you defaulted they could recover the funds that you borrowed.

Whilst bank valuers are acting on behalf of the bank and want to ensure that the bank’s finances are secure, an independent valuer has no interest in making a high or low property valuation so you can be assured that the valuation we give you is an accurate indication of what the property is worth.

Independent valuers do not have minimum quotas to meet so they can take the time to thoroughly inspect your property looking for things that will either increase or decrease the property value.

They will review: The property’s internal characteristics such as the usable space, the condition of the kitchen, bathroom and construction of the property. An independent property valuer will also assess the following external aspects: The environmental risks for example is the property likely to be affected by coastal erosion or bushfires?; The state of the property market.

Commercial – Sunshine Coast property valuation

As part of a national company, Valuations QLD are experts in commercial property valuations and have a team of Valuers in the Sunshine Coast that have in depth knowledge of the area’s commercial properties. They can access a database of commercial property information including historical pictures, a description of the property and historical sales data including previous sales, market confidence, potential rental amount, the average days on the market and the property sale increase percentage.

Residential – Sunshine Coast

Our Queensland property valuers based in the Sunshine Coast complete valuations for a variety of purposes including: Market value appraisals; Stamp duty; Property settlement; Pre-purchase or pre-sale; Family Law Court; Deceased estate/probate; Superannuation fund; Litigation; Mortgage security; Retrospective; Building insurance analysis; Internal accounting purposes; Expert witness; Property rental assessments/reviews/determinations; Compulsory acquisition (by the government); Compensation.

Valuations QLD is an independent valuation company and we do not conduct property valuations for banks or real estate agents so we are not motivated to give a high or low property valuation. Our Valuers only care about giving a genuine valuation of what the property could sell for on the market.

Sunshine Coast development overview

As the third largest city in Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is highly desirable and has had steady population growth of 2.4% each year in the five years leading up to 2018. The Sunshine Coast has over a dozen beaches with Sunshine Coast, Coolum Beach, Mooloolaba and Shelly Beach being a few of the notable beaches. The climate year round is very warm so it is attractive to those who enjoy the beach or summer sports such as cricket.

Why Valuations QLD?

Property is the most valuable asset individuals or organisations own so when you’re getting your biggest asset valued you need to know that the value you get is an accurate reflection of what it is worth.

Each of our Valuers has undergone solid training through the Australian Property Institute (API) and individually hold a minimum of 15 years valuation experience. They are therefore aware of what needs to be factored into the equation when determining the value of a property and can analyse the finer details to arrive at the market value in their report.

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Industry qualifications.

Valuations QLD and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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