Tweed Heads & Gold Coast Property Valuers

Operating since 1997, Valuations QLD offer valuations on property, plant and machinery and businesses. Our valuers are Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) under the Australian Property Institute (API) meaning that they are industry recognised and undertake valuations to the highest standard. Our valuers are 100% independent and will create your valuation report with the due diligence based on extensive research and knowledge of the area. When assessing the area Valuations QLD consider the following factors that may influence a property’s price: location; amenities such as public transport, parks, schools and entertainment facilities; supply and demand; interest rates; general economic performance; property market performance; demographics and whether or not the property is in a low or high socio-economic area; the street appeal of the property for example is the pathway clean? Are the lawns mown? Has the home been personalised or is it neutral?; potential to renovate; investment potential for example, is the property in a desirable neighbourhood and likely to be rented out quickly?

Why you should get an independent valuation

If you are buying a home your bank or lender will require you to get your property valued. The reason why they want a valuation is so they can minimise their risk. If you were to default on your loan or you needed to sell for another reason, the bank needs to know how much money they are likely to sell the property for. In other words, when you take out a property loan, your bank or other lender wants to know that their money is secure.

Bank valuations tend to be lower than market valuations and are heavily influenced by the costs to sell the property. In some instances the bank will not share their valuation with you either. Bank valuations are not conducted with your interests at heart and their valuation could prohibit you from borrowing the amount that you plan to if it increases the LVR.

Valuations Queensland offers independent valuations and will assess the value of your property based on the property itself (size, characteristics, views, carparking) and external factors such as: the area’s property market – what have properties in the area recently sold for? What is the value of similar properties?; the general property market.

Commercial – Gold Coast – Tweed Heads property valuation

Valuations Queensland has a team of commercial property valuers in the Gold Coast/Tweed Heads cities who possess a wealth of knowledge of property values in the area. They also have access to a comprehensive database of information that can assist in valuing your commercial property. Whether it’s a small office space, a retail building, industrial space or plant and machinery, Valuations Queensland’s expert valuers are equipped to give you a high quality and reliable valuation at an affordable price.

Residential – property valuations Gold Coast – Tweed Heads

Our residential property valuers can undertake property valuations for a myriad of purposes including: market value assessments; stamp duty; capital gains tax; property settlement; pre-purchase or pre-sale; separation/de-facto; Family Law Court; deceased estate/probate; superannuation fund; litigation; mortgage security; retrospective property valuations; building insurance assessments; internal accounting; expert witness; property rental assessments/rent reviews/rental determinations; compulsory acquisition; compensation.

Our property valuers do not act on behalf of banks, lenders or real estate agents. They are completely independent and are not biased when preparing their property valuation reports. They will always act in your best interests and will do their best to accurately value your property based on current market conditions.

They operate according to the Australian Property Institute’s Code of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct. We are constantly providing them with professional development opportunities to improve the service they provide to customers.

Gold Coast City development overview

Gold Coast City is a city located on Queensland’s south east coast and is around 66 kilometres southeast of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane.

It is a city with high rise skyscrapers dotted along the coastline and with a population of more than 606,000 there is huge potential for both commercial and residential investors.

Tweed Heads development overview

Tweed Heads is a small river town with a population of under 10,000 people positioned in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales founded in 1844 after first being discovered by British surveyor and explorer John Oxley in 1823.

Situated fairly close to Gold Coast City, there is potential for it to expand closer to Gold Coast City.

Why Valuations Queensland?

Our valuers have over 20 years of experience in the region and over the years have increased their knowledge of the Gold Coast/Tweed Heads property markets. This gives them an awareness of property prices in the area and they’ve formed a comprehensive database of properties in the area so they’re well researched and equipped to provide an accurate property valuation.

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